Europride 2010

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This is a sad emo post, internets, because, being as I am swamped with work, and also, in the wrong country, additionally,  momentarily unable to just  go away for a couple of days, I had to miss the Europride in Warsaw today.


The neo-Nazi anti-LGBTTQAA demonstration was of course organised. But. For all the protestations against the “abnormal deviants”, and so on… Well, it seems pretty obvious to me who’s normal and who’s not here. Look for yourself:

The deviants from Europride:

The normal guys:

The deviants from Europride:

The normal guys:


If normalcy means “a lot of creepy fundie white neo-Nazi guys with military and flag fetish, running around without T-shirts and making angry faces, never smiling (smiling is for pansies), and spewing bigoted shit”, then I don’t want to have anything to do with “normalcy”.

(Photos ganked from

  1. miskidomleka says:

    Europride has been even mentioned in my area’s main newspaper – though they rarely notice Poland, unless Poles kill their president and other officials in a stupid crash, or something like that.

    There are many photos there:

    • Thanks for the link! The photos are so cute <3

      (What I really wanna see, though, is a video of Ryszard Kalisz dancing to YMCA on one of platforms. Apart from Senyszyn, he's my favourite politician ever ^.^; Dancing to YMCA OMG <3)

  2. Veln says:

    And some more photos of good quality:,97904,8148829,Europride.html

    I like the first photo, moar rainbowz is always great ^_^v and it doesn’t feel so creepy as painting yourself with Polish flag colours D:
    But at least Polish flag was put to good use in the last but one photo, it hides the haters’ faces (#parser feces ^^;;;).

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