Outrageous Quotes Day 4 (This one is just silly)

Posted: September 8, 2010 in japanese, languages
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Once you have a dirty mind, apparently you just can’t stop making this sort of connections:


(Translation: Telescope

so boastful

but then it retracts again(1))

Apparently, for some pornographers, telescopes were very evocative of penises.


(Translation: The place we’re heading to now

is the where the telescopes are

on the Yushima hill(1))

Apparently, other pornographers were clever enough to notice that the Yushima hill had plenty of telescopes-telescopes and male prostitutes with their telescopes, and promptly exploited the bad (oh Cthulhu, so bad) pun in poetry.

Earth, it’s such an amazing place to live.

Even without a telescope (to look at the stars)

ETA: Poems quoted in: Screech, Timon, Sex and the Floating World.

(1) This is my own translation, which means: 1) it’s very loose, 2) the innuendo is translated without regard for the literal meaning 3) also, I fail as a translator and human being, and also should never touch any poetry ever with my filthy little fingers that are connected to a mind that hates poetry and defaults to prose immediately, and woe. Woe!


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