Sendai Anonymous; or relax, I’m just trollin’

I decided I needed to put some relevant and important information here, after all. Like my zodiac sign.

Gender: irrelevant

Blood type: O

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Favourite book: Blind Assassin (Atwood), stuff by  Georges Perec, stuff by Italo Calvino, stuff by Umberto Eco, stuff by Walter Benjamin, stuff by Stefan Zweig, stuff by de Quincey, Sarashina Nikki, stuff by JL Borges, stuff by Akutagawa Ryuunosuke, stuff by Ihara Saikaku, Konjaku monogatari, stuff by Stanislaw Lem, stuff by Isaac B Singer, stuff by Vladimir Nabokov, and far too many others.

Hates: Haruki Murakami (I used not to care, but the more people insist he’s brilliant — haha, no — the more I feel like saying HAHA NO STFU)

Favourite food: COFFEE, kimchi, squid and other seafood, pears, celery, arugula

Hates: sweet stuff, sweet chocolate, licorice

Favourite uni subject: reading (regardless of language and period and scope)

Hates: any sort of conversation classes; hopefully, I will never have to make a presentation about abortion/death penalty/educational system in my country ever again BUT WHAT IF A DECIDE TO PICK UP ANOTHER LANGUAGE BETTER NOT D:

Hobby: reading, collecting books, having no life, saying “it’s unscientific”, swearing, saying “you’re wrong”, saying “you’d better rethink your entire approach to life, really” <— but I only say this in Japanese,  it sounds good in Japanese

Dislikes: rain, when I want to go out but everybody went abroad/back to their country D:, having to keep my notes and post-its in order, having to clean my desk, having to warn people not to come close to the desk because of the risk of book avalanche, when I don’t know what to read next

Also, my zodiac sign is Pisces.

I am a very anonymous person who writes incognito about a place absolutely not called Sendai that is in a country that isn’t Japan at all, and well, it’s all a totally secret secret. I also most certainly do not froth at the mouth at the sight of Bad Cognitive Science AGAIN SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARL. Hush!

(It’s all lies. My name is actually Sara, I’m finishing my Akkadian Studies MA and Japanese Studies BA. I’m a linguist.

Linguist-linguist, not “linguist”.

I’m also not American.


I swear)

Update! I’m now in a tiny tiny tiny tininess of a city that on most maps looks like a spot left by an overeager person with a bottle of bleach trying to clean Germany.

This place is absolutely not called Mainz. I also don’t slobber all over our wee collection of clay tablets. Not at all.

  1. Hey “Sendai”!

    I love your blog here. Twice already I’ve linked to your posts. I hope you don’t mind me quoting your recent one on Afghani husbands’ rights to starve their wives in its entirety here

    Anyway, I like your stuff so much that I want to extend the offer to guest blog on “Camels With Hammers” if you ever are interested. Anything philosophical or scientific about which you feel reasonably qualified to write would be acceptable.

    I totally understand if the offer doesn’t strike you as interesting at all, but figured I’d throw it out there since I think your writing is terrific.

    best wishes! Keep up the great work!

  2. […] Anonymous Vs. Junk Cognitive Science Sendai Anonymous (who explored the topic of Leviticus, biblical literalism and why its all drivel […]

  3. Konfacela says:

    Gee, I’m gonna try, and fail, not to turn this into an embarrassingly gushing fan letter. This feed is SO going into my rss reader. Also, could it be that you’re also blogging in Polish as hejterzymy (another happy discovery)? There are good (and perfectly scientific) reasons to go for either possiblity, as in, išten) the nicks are kind of the same, and šina) how many people this awesome can Poland realistically produce at any one time, but then šalaš) if you’re both sendais then that’s just an unrealistic amount of awesome in a single person. Puzzling! You can put the answer in that throughscore font if it’s a secret.

    Also, I’ve nicked the Akkadian numerals from a random website #shamefuladmission The layout was ugly enough for it to be a legit source but for all I know they might mean “I’m) a) wanker).”

    • No prob, I like gushing fan letters <3 Not that I really get any :(

      And yeah, I'm also the other Sendai; I tould have linked to this blog, only I thought linking to myself is a bit silly, and also your Akkadian numerals are perfectly OK <3

      Hmmm, gotta write a post here soon, it looks so empty here ^^;

      As soon as I'm done with fucking Greenpeace, anyway.
      Also, thank you <3

  4. Hi Sara (I guess that’s your name)
    Do you know my blog/magazine – ‘Digest & News from a different angle’ ?
    Well I am sure you don’t.
    Since I have read your blog and the way you present yourself on the first page, I’d like to make a protrait of you in my category “About You”.
    Would you like that?
    Please check
    Kind regards
    Frank Depreitere, Publisher

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