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There’s been a horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the areas where I lived, and where my friends and their families still (hopefully :( :( :( ) live were terribly affected. Many people are completely forgetting the tragedy and instead engaging in pathetic scaremongering and thoughtlessly spreading nuclear panic: those numbers you hear on the TV, they sound rather scary, but if you remember what they actually mean for you (if you’re in the US or EU or China or Russia: they mean nothing will happen to you, so kindly shut up), and what happens to many radioactive isotopes after a relatively short time

(do I really need to say this? This is primary school-lever physics, and I say it as someone who was never really interested in hard science, apart from the brief period when I was 12 and wanted to be nuclear physicist: nuclear: because it’s the coolest thing ever, and physicist: because my mum is too — but I digress)

you will realize that only people who are really in danger right now are those working at the Fukushima 1 power plant, for whose work and dedication everybody should be grateful, although concepts such as being grateful are hardly ever mentioned by Western media.

I wonder why.

Anyway, I’ll just quote from the banana equivalent dose article for those who are too lazy to read the links:

Many foods are naturally radioactive, and bananas are particularly so, due to the radioactive potassium-40, or 40K they contain. Bananas are radioactive enough to regularly cause false alarms on radiation sensors used to detect possible illegal smuggling of nuclear material at U.S. ports. A medium-sized banana contains about 450 mg of potassium. 40K makes up 0.0117% of this, or about 53 μg, which produces 14 radioactive decays per second (dps), or 0.37 nCi of radiation. If the banana is eaten, the dose equivalent is about 0.01 mrem, which is equivalent to 0.1 μSv (emphasis mine).

See? You’ve been eating radioactive stuff for ages and didn’t even know about it.

Anyway, have you seen this video? It’s a bit too late, because the situation in the power plant seems to be under control, I’ve just seen the NHK news, and they managed to get the wanter into reactor 3, and it seems they’re pretty optimistic, but anyway, this explanation is the easiest to understand there is:

Some people have said that it’s for Japanese children and USian adults, but this is not true: the video must have been made for the German government. If they watch it, perhaps they stop scaremongering.


But I wouldn’t get our hopes up.


Anyway: back to People and Their Priorities.

Imagine you’re in a town terribly affected by the tsunami. You see only ruins, ruins, and ruins; and you know that under the ruins there are dead people who didn’t manage to escape. The people who did manage to evacuate are now in a shelter, most likely they don’t have enough blankets and food, because the railways might have been destroyed, and there’s very little gasoline, and the help from the government hasn’t arrived yet. There are many old people, because younger people have mostly moved to bigger cities, leaving their parents and grandparents behind, in little villages on the seashore , old people  many of whom are quite ill, there is however very little medicine left, and the doctors haven’t arrived so far. It’s very cold and it’s snowing, but there’s very little oil for the stoves — and in any case, there’s only one stove — so the people in the shelter are only turning the stove on during the cold night*.

What do you do? You take some photos. Sensible:  people will be sorry and might donate some money for the victims:

Maybe one more:

So what do you do? I know!


I wish I was kidding:

Sorry, but if there are people who have no food and no warm clothes, and it’s snowing, and it’s cold, and three old ladies have to share one blanket, and there’s only one stove, I will so fucking judge if you go around saving ~*fish*~

So! Let’s do more than Tarah and Carisa, let’s  do more than just save a fish. Your money, which can be used for medicine and blankets and food, is needed:

International Red Cross

Medecins Sans Frontieres

A FB page with links to regional organizations in Japan that are operating in areas affected by the disaster right now, WITH ENGLISH INFO. It’s perhaps the quickest and most effective way to help: the organizations linked on that page are already there.

Every penny is needed!


This girl is looking for her mum in the ruins of Kesennuma, a town that was destroyed by tsunami and a series of terrible fires. We can’t get her mum back, but we can make sure she’s got something to eat and a blanket.

Let’s do more than save a fish!

(Oh, and Tarah and Carisa? I’m normally vegetarian, but next time I’m eating out? I’ll happily munch a fish, thinking of you <3)

(Thanks to Palacsinta, who commented on my other blog, for the link <3)

* It really has been like that: I’ve been watching NHK all the time :(((


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Day 1

Read only 100 pages. Feel unworthy to live.


I’m so frustrated.

1. I started reading Atram-hasis for a seminar. I have about 300 lines in transliteration, and about 40 lines translated with commentary.

I thought: well, maybe 40 is going to be a bit of an overkill, it’s the first seminar, we’ll most likely only do like 20 lines or so.

We finished 9 (NINE). I almost fell asleep.

2. I had some stuff to read. We were asked to prepare thoughtful questions about the text. Consequently, I spent several hours wracking my brain in order to produce a couple of thoughtful questions that could lead to brilliant discussion thing or something.

Most of the questions other people had were about a metaphor they didn’t understand.

I thought I’d die, but only in the short bouts of paralysing boredom between me trying to fell asleep, and me sleeping.

3.  People keep spying on me when I read, and asking me “WOW IS THIS CHINESE/JAPANESE? WOW!!1!!”. Yes, it is, HOW SENSATIONAL, now shut up and die D:

4. We were reading an Old Assyrian letter. After the first cognitive dissonance of “wow, the people who actually got the transliteration/translation stuff on time, and therefore finished their homework, actually are reading something that is not written there at all, how is that even possible???”, it turned out that they were indeed reading something that wasn’t there at all, because they DON’T THINK D: D: D: D: How you convince yourself to believe that YES THREE LARGE CUNEIFORM CHARACTERS CAN TOTES FIT IN THIS TINY 3-MM SPACE TOTES is completely beyond me.

Oh, and we spent an hour getting to that. I wanted to die.

5. Linguistics seminar, brilliant young MA thing asks the prof if she could recommend a book about linguistic terminology, because she didn’t know what “analytic” means.


#W$U%^&%& Why do I even try  D: D: D: D: