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At first, I decided against writing anything about That Fucking Cross, but this morning, as I was racking my brain for new and shiny things to do while procrastinating, I thought to myself, oh well, self.

Alors, on to the news from the land of cold, drizzling and unholy:

The most unfortunate of you might have had heard about the fairly recent fundie meltdown in Poland. Directly connected to the plane crash in which the president and a bunch of officials died, it’s a bastard child of misbegotten spin doctors, power-hungry politicians eager to exploit the alienated, the mentally ill and the marginalised for their own political agenda, and a bunch of creepy and/or mentally ill hate-mongers who actually believe in the bullshit they’re spouting.

In short, after the crash the Catholic scouts(1) put a cross in front of the presidential palace. Nobody minded(2) then because people were leaving all sorts of things in front of the presidential palace then: flowers, votive candles, and journalists. However, after everything went back to normal(3), a certain feeling of WTFery began to set in the cold little hearts of the Polish people, as they watched their telly and thought:

What the fucking fuck is this fucking cross doing in front of the fucking presidential palace? For fuck’s sake(4).

Or even the dreaded:

What the fuck, I thought this was a fucking secular fucking country? Fuck(4).

As a result of various considerations of this and similar nature, the local authorities decided they have to remove the cross from where the scouts had so thoughtlessly left it(5), and mow it down with a steamroller, and stab it several times for good measure, and maybe even stake it so Jesus never rises from the dead again.

Actually, no. They wanted to move it to a church, and they even had a procession of priests and scouts(6) eager to accompany it, but this is not what happened at all.

(Really, watch it. It has an old lady who tied herself to the cross. Seriously)

What happened is that the entire fucking state is apparently completely powerless when faced with the completely unmanageable rage of ~*a few dozen old ladies*~ (well, and maybe a couple of Neo-Nazis, too).

The cross is still standing, the completely crazy fundies cum Holocaust deniers cum NWO conspiracy theorists have been swarming around it day and night for several weeks.

This has caused several things:

1) on average, the Polish are crankier than usual; this is strongly correlated with the increased use of the word “fuck”, which is frequently triggered by the sight of crossroads, crosswords, cross-stitching and cross-examination,

2) on average, the Polish are more angry at the government than usual,

3) on average, internet memes are finding this environment to be very easy to flourish in.

On Monday, a crowd of reportedly 5000 anti-cross activists (sceptics, hipsters, anti-theists, pro separation of church and state, and trolls) who had been gathering on Facebook in the course of a few days went to make fun of the fundies. Photos!

signs: 1) Moscow pays me, 2) Demolish the presidential palace, it's blocking out the cross

They started at 23:00 AFAIR:

Lots of angry hipsters:

Hipster footage

They’re screaming:

– remove the presidential palace

– back to church

– take the cross back to church

– remove the cross


(The guy with the megaphone says that the law in Poland is being broken right in front of the presidential palace, which makes the whole country an international laughingstock(8). They are demonstrating, the guy says, to make fun of the fundies who are appropriating the public space. At roughly 1:53 a guy in a pope custume appears on a balcony FTW)

Hipster remix, apparently played in some clubs already (lyrics = “where’s the cross”)

One flash game parody, two flash game parodies.

You can put a cross on your website here.

And finally, today a random guy decided that he will sue the government because of the clear violation of the separation of church and state laws(9).

The thing is, this is not going to change anything at all. Not only the most conservative politicians, but usually even the self-proclaimed left-wing ones are coddling and accommodating the fundies no matter what crazy thing they decide to do, even though they’re an obvious (if loud and crazy) minority. The fundies are appropriating the public and symbolic space, bit after bit, and the public discourse, with the result that anybody who opposes them or criticizes them in any way is presented as a public enemy, traitor and possibly also a member of one (or more) of the many conspiracies the fundies believe in. The worst thing is that this sort of thinking has been slowly sneaking into mainstream media; most people will preface their criticisms of not even religion but religious fundamentalism with “I’M A CATHOLIC BUT” or “CATHOLIC VALUES ARE VERY IMPORTANT BUT”, and so on.

It’s cool that there’s a bit of rage, finally, instead of  the usual apathy, and hopefully in ten-twenty years, this rage might actually accomplish something. Meanwhile, as ever, the fundies can do what they wanna.

(1) There are also the regular, non-Catholic scouts so.

(2) I would have, but I’m observing this stuff from a safe distance, you see.

(3) It would perhaps be useful to point out that the Polish “normal” might be vastly different from what you’ve grown accustomed to classify as “normal”, JSYK.

(4) The Polish people like to swear a lot to show the sincerity and depth of their feelings. Also, in Polish the above sentences would display much more variation of profanity, respectively:

Co do kurwy nędzy robi kurwa pierdolony krzyż przed jebany pałacem kurwa prezydenckim? Żesz kurwa jego pierdolona.

Do kurwy nędzy, świeckie kurwa państwo.

Guys, I turned the diacritics on just for you. This is serious stuff.

(5) I think the time has come to finally say it: fucking scouts.

(6) Fucking scouts.

(7) Fucking scouts.

(8) Fucking late to be self-conscious now.

(9) Constitutional lawyers say he will most likely lose, because Polish law sucks like that, so it’s mostly about making a gesture.


Happy 80 Birthday!

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To Ursula Le Guin! <3<3<3

I don’t even remember what her books were really about, ’cause I read most of them about 12 years ago, but 1) I remember liking them, 2) she’s awesome <3

The until now unpublished spiritual journey book by Jung has just been published.

What’s worse, in English!

What’s worse, with commentary!

What’s worse, it’s colourful and pretty and has pictures.

I see terrible articles being committed in the near future by all sorts of woomeisters and New Agey wackos. The Lacanists, pomos, Kristevists, the Golden Horde of ignorance will  be busying themselves with analysing the text from the relativist quantum perspective for months, if not years.

What really makes me wary of the book, however, is this:

Jung was associated with Freud for a period of approximately five years, beginning in 1907. Their relationship became increasingly acrimonious. When the final break came in 1913, Jung retreated from many of his professional activities for a time to further develop his own theories. Biographers disagree as to whether this period represented a psychological breakdown. Anthony Storr, reflecting on Jung’s own judgment that he was “menaced by a psychosis” during this time, concluded that the period represented a psychotic episode.

And in particular, the word “psychosis”.

I mean:

The Red Book was a product of a technique developed by Jung which he termed active imagination. As Jung described it, he was visited by two figures, an old man and a young woman, who identified themselves as Elijah and Salome. They were accompanied by a large black snake. In time, the Elijah figure developed into a guiding spirit that Jung called Philemon (ΦΙΛΗΜΩΝ, as originally written with Greek letters). Salome was identified by Jung as an anima figure. The figures, according to Jung, “brought home to me the crucial insight that there are things in the psyche which I do not produce, but which produce themselves and have their own life.”

So he was seeing things. And hearing voices. And wrote a book.


I mean, obviously, the last time I thought that reading Jung was cool was in secondary school, right before I read Eliade, and decided I had enough of this sort of verbose nonsense.  But. This is what he says about his book, which he wrote when and because he was seeing things and hearing voices:

The years… when I pursued the inner images, were the most important time of my life. Everything else is to be derived from this. It began at that time, and the later details hardly matter anymore. My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded me like an enigmatic stream and threatened to break me. That was the stuff and material for more than one life. Everything later was merely the outer classification, scientific elaboration, and the integration into life. But the numinous beginning, which contained everything, was then.

This means that everything he ever wrote was based on what he made up when he was seeing things and hearing voices. I’m not qualified to say whether he was mentally ill or not, and it’s not even so interesting, anyway. But then again, seeing things, and more importantly, basing you life’s opus on the things  is not something that makes you a reliable, trustworthy scholar.

And people take him seriously why, again?

Dorota Stalinska says what she thinks about those pesky 13-year-old whores. Translation by Google, cleaned up by me so it’s at least marginally comprehensible.

(Sane commentary in Polish here. The following article was published by a completely mainstream Polish newspaper.  The interview was conducted on a completely mainstream Polish news station. Stalinska is a famous actress and often appears on TV)

Stalinska defends Polanski: 13-year olds are throwing themselves at men.
2009-09-29, last updated 2009-09-29 23:44
An emotional exchange took place today in the studio during the interview on TVN 24 about the Roman Polanski case. The director was defended by the actress Dorothy Stalinska, while PiS MEP Marek Migalski reiterated his view that he is surprised by the defense of Polanski.

Migalski on his blog attacked the defenders of Roman Polanski’s “There is no shame and logic in the desperate struggle of the artistic guilds for the freedom of their colleague, but I would like to ask our artists:  Would you use the same arguments, if your pal Romek (Polish diminutive for “Roman” <–Sendai A) first got drunk, and then had some rectal fun with your daughter? Are you fucked in the head*? ”

Dorota Stalinska, who also signed a petition in support of Polanski,  said on  TVN 24 that she is “shocked” by the language Mark Migalski uses**. – First, it was not rape, but an intercourse with a minor with her permission – said Stalinska. She added that after all, this lady denied that she was  raped, and the evidence was manipulated. – “We know that the 13-year-old girl may look like a 20-year-old – actress explained***”. According to her it is not that the girl who was raped, but Roman Polanski was seduced and provoked****.

Stalinska: 13-year olds are throwing themselves at men.

Dorota Stalinska puts the blame for the events 30 years ago on the then 13-year-old Samantha Geiner. – I’ve  a 20-year-old son. He could tell you what the 13-year-old girls behave like, and what provocations they’re capable of, and how they throw themselves not at 20, but 40-year-olds – Stalinska said.

She added that supports the words of Krzysztof Zanussi, who the day before in the “Kropka nad I” (A TV programme with five-minute interviews <– Sendai A)  called Geimer “an underage prostitute”. – 13-year-old girls alone provoke adult men. In Poland, and in the entire world. Zanussi’s right – said Stalinska in outrage*****.

Migalski: Defending Polanski is shameful

Mark Migalski did not try to hide his outrage at Dorothy Staliński’s statement. He repeated what he said in his blog, that any defense of Polanski is outrageous.

He stressed that even if  sexual relations of underaged girls with their “sponsors”  take place, we do not accept that.

He explained that the use of profanity is inappropriate to what Roman Polanski did, and how shameful it is that everybody’s defending him in Poland******.

*This are actual words of an actual Polish MEP. Really.

** YES. Because clearly the language is what was the problem here, all along. Typical denialist strategy: know that you’re losing, apply the MIND YOUR MANNERS pseudargument.


**** Stalinska, Zanussi, Polanski choked with their penises and mauled by bears, mmmm. An especially gigantic dildo for Stalinska.

***** I’m not making this up, I swear.

***** In the original Google translation the end of this sentence was “today, arms in Poland”. Like a haiku.

Also, for the first time in my life, I agree with a wingnut.


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Marek Edelman, a Jew, a Pole, and a hero died yesterday.

May he rest in peace.