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Every field of study, no matter how completely unlikely, will have its fair share of woo, fringe “science” and wacky conspiracy theories.

This is an indisputable, scientific fact*.

This is, among other things, because for some people,

It says so right here! In this very old book! Therefore, it must be the truuuuth!

is a sufficient argument proving things that are otherwise impossible to prove, like the existence of giants, Huwawa, deluge, Ishtar, aliens, or fairies. For some people, the older the source text the better, and also, the bigger the chance that hardly anybody will be able to question the way they choose to interpret the super-old source text, which is an added bonus when you are crazy.

Therefore: many magic-practitioners and/or alien conspiracy theorists like to find obscure languages nobody knows and claim,

But it’s written RIGHT HEREEE!

(Only, it’s not)

However, sometimes a slight creative manipulation of written sources is required, and what results is even more craziness  (original spelling preserved):

The sumerian language is one of the oldest languages we know. This release contains only some common words, but the dictionary is ALWAYS under construction, because I will update it as often as I can. Future publications should contain more information about the language (spelling,grammar, …) and MORE words. Also thanX to THE ARRAY. The words of the first publication I have taken of his dictionary.

Ahahahaha. Gosh, that guy, s/h/it fails so much. Where do I even start?

Common sumerian words for magickal purposes

LOL. He’s serious, ’cause he spelled it “magick”. Just so you know.

Cut for self-indulgent linguistic geekery.