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At first, I decided against writing anything about That Fucking Cross, but this morning, as I was racking my brain for new and shiny things to do while procrastinating, I thought to myself, oh well, self.

Alors, on to the news from the land of cold, drizzling and unholy:

The most unfortunate of you might have had heard about the fairly recent fundie meltdown in Poland. Directly connected to the plane crash in which the president and a bunch of officials died, it’s a bastard child of misbegotten spin doctors, power-hungry politicians eager to exploit the alienated, the mentally ill and the marginalised for their own political agenda, and a bunch of creepy and/or mentally ill hate-mongers who actually believe in the bullshit they’re spouting.

In short, after the crash the Catholic scouts(1) put a cross in front of the presidential palace. Nobody minded(2) then because people were leaving all sorts of things in front of the presidential palace then: flowers, votive candles, and journalists. However, after everything went back to normal(3), a certain feeling of WTFery began to set in the cold little hearts of the Polish people, as they watched their telly and thought:

What the fucking fuck is this fucking cross doing in front of the fucking presidential palace? For fuck’s sake(4).

Or even the dreaded:

What the fuck, I thought this was a fucking secular fucking country? Fuck(4).

As a result of various considerations of this and similar nature, the local authorities decided they have to remove the cross from where the scouts had so thoughtlessly left it(5), and mow it down with a steamroller, and stab it several times for good measure, and maybe even stake it so Jesus never rises from the dead again.

Actually, no. They wanted to move it to a church, and they even had a procession of priests and scouts(6) eager to accompany it, but this is not what happened at all.

(Really, watch it. It has an old lady who tied herself to the cross. Seriously)

What happened is that the entire fucking state is apparently completely powerless when faced with the completely unmanageable rage of ~*a few dozen old ladies*~ (well, and maybe a couple of Neo-Nazis, too).

The cross is still standing, the completely crazy fundies cum Holocaust deniers cum NWO conspiracy theorists have been swarming around it day and night for several weeks.

This has caused several things:

1) on average, the Polish are crankier than usual; this is strongly correlated with the increased use of the word “fuck”, which is frequently triggered by the sight of crossroads, crosswords, cross-stitching and cross-examination,

2) on average, the Polish are more angry at the government than usual,

3) on average, internet memes are finding this environment to be very easy to flourish in.

On Monday, a crowd of reportedly 5000 anti-cross activists (sceptics, hipsters, anti-theists, pro separation of church and state, and trolls) who had been gathering on Facebook in the course of a few days went to make fun of the fundies. Photos!

signs: 1) Moscow pays me, 2) Demolish the presidential palace, it's blocking out the cross

They started at 23:00 AFAIR:

Lots of angry hipsters:

Hipster footage

They’re screaming:

– remove the presidential palace

– back to church

– take the cross back to church

– remove the cross


(The guy with the megaphone says that the law in Poland is being broken right in front of the presidential palace, which makes the whole country an international laughingstock(8). They are demonstrating, the guy says, to make fun of the fundies who are appropriating the public space. At roughly 1:53 a guy in a pope custume appears on a balcony FTW)

Hipster remix, apparently played in some clubs already (lyrics = “where’s the cross”)

One flash game parody, two flash game parodies.

You can put a cross on your website here.

And finally, today a random guy decided that he will sue the government because of the clear violation of the separation of church and state laws(9).

The thing is, this is not going to change anything at all. Not only the most conservative politicians, but usually even the self-proclaimed left-wing ones are coddling and accommodating the fundies no matter what crazy thing they decide to do, even though they’re an obvious (if loud and crazy) minority. The fundies are appropriating the public and symbolic space, bit after bit, and the public discourse, with the result that anybody who opposes them or criticizes them in any way is presented as a public enemy, traitor and possibly also a member of one (or more) of the many conspiracies the fundies believe in. The worst thing is that this sort of thinking has been slowly sneaking into mainstream media; most people will preface their criticisms of not even religion but religious fundamentalism with “I’M A CATHOLIC BUT” or “CATHOLIC VALUES ARE VERY IMPORTANT BUT”, and so on.

It’s cool that there’s a bit of rage, finally, instead of  the usual apathy, and hopefully in ten-twenty years, this rage might actually accomplish something. Meanwhile, as ever, the fundies can do what they wanna.

(1) There are also the regular, non-Catholic scouts so.

(2) I would have, but I’m observing this stuff from a safe distance, you see.

(3) It would perhaps be useful to point out that the Polish “normal” might be vastly different from what you’ve grown accustomed to classify as “normal”, JSYK.

(4) The Polish people like to swear a lot to show the sincerity and depth of their feelings. Also, in Polish the above sentences would display much more variation of profanity, respectively:

Co do kurwy nędzy robi kurwa pierdolony krzyż przed jebany pałacem kurwa prezydenckim? Żesz kurwa jego pierdolona.

Do kurwy nędzy, świeckie kurwa państwo.

Guys, I turned the diacritics on just for you. This is serious stuff.

(5) I think the time has come to finally say it: fucking scouts.

(6) Fucking scouts.

(7) Fucking scouts.

(8) Fucking late to be self-conscious now.

(9) Constitutional lawyers say he will most likely lose, because Polish law sucks like that, so it’s mostly about making a gesture.



Posted: March 13, 2010 in life

1. This is my 201th post. How cool is that?

2. I haven’t been posting much lately. This is because I was totes busy travelling, attending funerals, revelling, and catching colds.

3. I’m a bit irritated at the moment, also, constantly blowing my nose (hatehatehate). This means: only fun stuff for the next week or so.

4. Where by fun stuff I mean:  perhaps some miediaeval zoology? We’ll see.

Today, la flat mate was supposed to wake me up awake, because while I have no problems waking up, I do have problems staying awake after turning off all the alarm clocks.

Anyway, flat mate was too lazy to get up so she called me.

Flat mate: *Rings*

Sendai: *Picks up* *mutters profanities* ‘Tak, słucham?’

Flat mate: Wha?

Sendai: *realizes a foreign language is needed* ‘Moshi moshi?’

Flat mate: ‘Whaaa?’

Sendai: *realizes she picked the wrong foreign language* *hasn’t got sufficient brain power to process the request to pick the correct foreign language before first coffee* ‘Ugh, h-incomprehensible vowel-l-incomprehensible vowel?’

Flat mate: oh, just wake up now =_=

Sendai: *single tear* *wakes up*

1. I found the prettiest place ever. However, I forgot my charger, so I can’t take photos.

Because this was, um, the gazillionth time I forgot the charger, and  I am currently a proud owner of at least three chargers from two different continents for the same camera, I’ve sworn I won’t buy a new charger, because, seriously. Am waiting to have it sent with my winter coat.

2. My landlady/housemate is awesome. However, for the past few days I thought she had terrible problems with snoring. This is, until I found one of the dogs, Leon, sleeping and snarling in front of my bedroom door.

Leon is also in love with me, which means he shots out from under the furniture whenever I pass by.

This is because trying to stampede people is a clear proof of love and devotion in the dog land.

(Leon, 80 kg, is also a huge dog-like cat, really. This, however, is a secret)

3. It’s cold.

4. The penis-shaped food I’ve located so far: pasta, wine gums. The wine gums even were the appropriate colour. I intend to buy a huge jar for my wannabe-lesbian girlfriend for Xmas. But it’s a secret, so hush.

The search continues!

5. I’ve been sniffing at books a lot lately. So far, my research has indicated that the  Gutenberg bookstores are awesome, Germany is somehow completely crazy about China, and that the bookstore at the train station  (Mainz Hauptbahnhof) only sells books in four genres.

These genres include: romance, crime/detective novels, sci-fi/fantasy and Obama. Yes, Obama is a new genre.

Because I say so.

(I started writing this post a week ago, but didn’t have time to finish. Posting it now, anyway, because it has VISUAL AIDS PRETTY)

The not cool thing about being back in Poland, even for a week: the fact that even after a year, Poland is still Poland.

The cool thing about being back in Poland: that I’ll be gone by Thursday.

Anyway, two important things happened:

1. There was some sort of a competition for a new Warsaw dessert. The result was finally called “zygmuntówka” (zehg-moon-toov-kah), and looks rather phallic.

(This is my opinion.

My dad’s was: It looks like a martyrological tribute to the ruins of Warsaw, as destroyed by the Nazis 65 years ago, lol.

My brother’s was: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM Whaaa?

My wannabe lesbian girlfriend’s was: You actually ate that???)

The photo:


2. Meanwhile. Warsaw has not changed a lot.

The Uni:


My favourite antiquary was still there (right next to my least favourite pub, meh):


And the uni inside:


Fun stuff at Krakowskie Przedmiescie:


The Uni Library (BUW). Pretty!


The BUW bodyguard. You can tell he’s a BUW employee from how seriously he takes his duties (taken in the garden on the roof of the BUW building <3)


The garden itself is actually pretty neat:


Here’s what you can see from the roof:


And in the other direction:




The Dalek army:


Finally, the Kultur Palast hiding behind the bushes, with a gun:



1. I have a flat!

2… with no internet connection yet.

3. But the plums here are awesome!

4. The fountain in the Schillerplatz in the ugliest thing ever.

5. By which I mean, I wholeheartedly approve.

6. Of course, I forgot my camera, so I can`t take any photos to prove my point.

7. Mainz is like 2kmx2km.

8. Only the campus is like 200kmx200km.

9. This can only mean one thing: BIGGER ON THE INSIDE!!!!!!

10. Right in front of the Johannes Gutenberg Universität campus is a cemetery. I find it strangely fitting.

11. I haven`t been there yet, `cause they had no flats to offer there.

12. Not the sort of I was looking for anyway.

13. And none of them had an internet connection, so there.

14. I hate German keyboards. They have “y” where normal keyboards have “z” and vice versa. This is sick and perverted.

15. People are seriously so nice it almost creeps me out.

16. It also remains a mystery what they do on the weekends. Because, shops closed, restaurants and cafés closed, pubs closed, and only a small number of people can be found engaging in the wholesome activity of walking or cycling. WHERE IS THE REST? WORSHIPPING CTHULHU? Somehow, I wouldn`t be surprised. There is something about the small towns and the Great Old Ones, you know.

17. Lol, prime number!

18. Also, nobody cares if Polanski rots in prison. YAY.

Usual emo post warnings apply.

(On the plus side: two days without hearing about Polanski from his faily defenders. WIN.)