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But only for holidays!

But, alas, no internet for some time!

Also, I’ve got three long long drafts, and no will power to finish any of them, which is sad.

(On the plus side, I also have an article about variation in neolithic teeth from Catal Hoyuk(1), an article about ziggurat cake(2), and a book about ancient Israeli women’s clothing(3))

I have to think of a way to bake a ziggurat cake before I get home. That would be epic(4).

Also, another book(5) has a chapter on fake Egyptian hieroglyphs. In that they were not really writing, but pretty patterns used for decorative purposes. Sort of like Chinese writing in Japan some 3000 years later.


Well, gotta go. Ciao <3

(1) Sorry, to lazy for diacritics. This is how weak the will power is today.

(2) It’s not actually about ziggurat cake, but about archaeology, but I have to pretend that it’s about ziggurat cake as long as possible, because archaeology is boooooooooooooring.

(3) Yes, really.

(4) In the ZIGGURAT, DUDE way. I actually can bake. Cook, even.

I’m brilliant.

(5) I can’t forget about it, because it seems that it accounts for about half of the weight of my suitcase =_=


1. I found the prettiest place ever. However, I forgot my charger, so I can’t take photos.

Because this was, um, the gazillionth time I forgot the charger, and  I am currently a proud owner of at least three chargers from two different continents for the same camera, I’ve sworn I won’t buy a new charger, because, seriously. Am waiting to have it sent with my winter coat.

2. My landlady/housemate is awesome. However, for the past few days I thought she had terrible problems with snoring. This is, until I found one of the dogs, Leon, sleeping and snarling in front of my bedroom door.

Leon is also in love with me, which means he shots out from under the furniture whenever I pass by.

This is because trying to stampede people is a clear proof of love and devotion in the dog land.

(Leon, 80 kg, is also a huge dog-like cat, really. This, however, is a secret)

3. It’s cold.

4. The penis-shaped food I’ve located so far: pasta, wine gums. The wine gums even were the appropriate colour. I intend to buy a huge jar for my wannabe-lesbian girlfriend for Xmas. But it’s a secret, so hush.

The search continues!

5. I’ve been sniffing at books a lot lately. So far, my research has indicated that the  Gutenberg bookstores are awesome, Germany is somehow completely crazy about China, and that the bookstore at the train station  (Mainz Hauptbahnhof) only sells books in four genres.

These genres include: romance, crime/detective novels, sci-fi/fantasy and Obama. Yes, Obama is a new genre.

Because I say so.

1. Dear and Chiaki and my wannabe lesbian girlfriend would love it here. SO MANY BAKERIES.

2. The ladybugs, they swaaaaaarm! I didn’t even know they could.

3. The whole place around the village I’m living in smells like fermenting grapes.

4. I really like plums.

5. Little girls really like me (even though I’m scary*)

6. You can walk from Uelversheim to Guntersblum in about 40 minutes <3

*Or maybe because of that:  live, free horror movie =_=


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Am sick. Need moar tissues.

Don’t have to be at the uni until Monday, and classes don’t start until 19.10.

Don’t really know what to do with myself now =_=

Also, it’s been raining for the past two days.

Also, my ducklings are still cute. Also, we still only talk in Japanese. Naja.


1. I have a flat!

2… with no internet connection yet.

3. But the plums here are awesome!

4. The fountain in the Schillerplatz in the ugliest thing ever.

5. By which I mean, I wholeheartedly approve.

6. Of course, I forgot my camera, so I can`t take any photos to prove my point.

7. Mainz is like 2kmx2km.

8. Only the campus is like 200kmx200km.

9. This can only mean one thing: BIGGER ON THE INSIDE!!!!!!

10. Right in front of the Johannes Gutenberg Universität campus is a cemetery. I find it strangely fitting.

11. I haven`t been there yet, `cause they had no flats to offer there.

12. Not the sort of I was looking for anyway.

13. And none of them had an internet connection, so there.

14. I hate German keyboards. They have “y” where normal keyboards have “z” and vice versa. This is sick and perverted.

15. People are seriously so nice it almost creeps me out.

16. It also remains a mystery what they do on the weekends. Because, shops closed, restaurants and cafés closed, pubs closed, and only a small number of people can be found engaging in the wholesome activity of walking or cycling. WHERE IS THE REST? WORSHIPPING CTHULHU? Somehow, I wouldn`t be surprised. There is something about the small towns and the Great Old Ones, you know.

17. Lol, prime number!

18. Also, nobody cares if Polanski rots in prison. YAY.


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Leaving Sendai tomorrow in the evening, in Tokyo by the next morning, in Poland on the 24th, in Germany on the 1th October. But:



Ow ow ow ow ow

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What follows is several hundred words of pointless whining. Read at your own discretion.