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I open my Facebook this morning and lo!

Charges initiated against Pope for crimes against humanity

at which I thought, hihi hihi hihi, and maybe also a bit, go get him, guys!

But of course, nothing is ever as pretty and shiny as it seems: the two lawyers who prepared the charges, Christian Sailer and Gert-Joachim Hetzel, are members of a ~~*new religious movement*~~ called “Universelles Leben“, founded by the prophetess Gabriele Wittek in 1975. Which makes it an epic clash of the cranks, which is extremely funny, as everything ever should be. Life is beautiful.

However, for all their crankery one can’t but think that they might be a bit right:

“three worldwide crimes which until now have not been denounced . . . (as) the traditional reverence toward ‘ecclesiastical authority’ has clouded the sense of right and wrong” (emphasis mine)

This is absolutely true, and a lot more quotes, too (although I haven’t of course read the whole 16500 word document, nor do I intend to. This is, after all, a clash of the cranks).

Meanwhile, from what I could gather from my extensive, 30-minute search of teh internets, Universelles Leben is basically yet another typical New Agey semi-Christian sect, with all the expected claims of being the only true Christian church, others having strayed too far from the original doctrine of peace, love, harmony with nature and antisemitism. It incorporates a lot of New Agey concepts, like a bastardised version of reincarnation, preaches living in harmony with nature and vegetarianism. The prophetess also claims some sort of era of peace and love and poo-shitting unicorns is going to happen soon. Very boring.

But wait! Some German organisations claimed that there is an undercurrent of antisemitism in the movement, and also that its place is somewhere between leftist environmentalists and neofascists. Pretty, huh? But look at the quotes:

So heißt es beispielsweise in der programmatischen Schrift „Das ist mein Wort“ von UL-Gründerin Gabriele Wittek: „Seit nahezu 2000 Jahren ernten die Juden von einer Fleischwerdung zur anderen, was sie damals und auch in ihren weiteren Einverleibungen gesät haben – bis sie ihren Erlöser an- und aufnehmen und das bereuen, was sie verursacht haben.“

(For instance in “This is my word”, a programme [of the UL] written by the founder of UL, Gabriele Witter, it says: “For almost 2000 years the Jews have reaped from one incarnation to the other what they sawed, then and in their other incarnations – [which will continue] unless they accept and admit their saviour, and repent for all that they have caused.” emphasis mine)

Gee, this is not very ambiguous, guys.

They also run foul of the law in Bayern with the result that the court said that:

Die Ausgestaltung des Gemeindelebens, wie sie aus der „Gemeindeordnung“ des „Universellen Lebens“ hervorgeht, darf in scharfer und überspitzter Formulierung ohne Verfassungsverstoß als totalitäre Struktur bezeichnet werden.

(The organisation of the life of the community as can be gathered from the ordinance of “Universal Life” may pointedly be called a totalitarian structure without violating the constitution)

(This translation sucks, but omfg, I hate whoever wrote that sentence)

The Cicero magazine also has an interesting article that mentions that members of the UL often earn their living practicing “natural medicine”. I’m so unsurprised. The members of the sect lead a very isolated life and hardly interact with the outside world, and all in all it seems all very creepy.

So I thought that maybe when Sailer and Hetzel talk about totalitarian church, like here:

“[the pope] is responsible for the preservation and leadership of a worldwide totalitarian regime of coercion which subjugates its members with terrifying and health-endangering threats”.

they simply know what they’re talking about, like, from experience.

And the moral we have is: not always the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


This thread.

I have no excuse for missing it, save for maybe the fact that on August 19 I was too drunk to do stuff online*.

I weeped for joy. Well, a little.

Liz Henry:

Part of it is that evolutionarily, men were hunters, so they’re not used to paying attention to their environment in the way people are.

*Single tear*


It really isn’t his fault, the poor dear. (I try not to give him too hard of a time about his spelling — thinking about it, the internet would probably eat him alive. You know how vicious bloggers can get when they see some poor struggling man who can’t operate a spellchecker. You’d think they’d never heard of Firefox!).

*Falls over laughing*


Wow, it never even occurred to me to ask if my husband wanted to blog. He’s always so busy with our kids and cooking; I doubt he’d have the time, let alone the interest.



My friends are going to have a open space next month as a safe space to talk about Robert Heinlein, Macroeconomics, and our NBA fantasy league.

*Cracks up a bit*

softestbullet in response to whump:

What the hell is this “safe space” thing? Are you accusing us of something?!?? I think you need to apologize.



I don’t quite get what you’re saying, Podblack. Are you suggesting that men don’t have the same educational opportunities that women do? Of course they do! There is legislation that says they have to have equal education, so it must be true. If they aren’t interested in science and academia (and my blog reading suggests that they aren’t) then it’s not the educational system that is to blame. People keep harping on about this, but it’s nonsensical — we already have equality. Anyway, aren’t there boys in the Congo being raped? Shouldn’t you be worrying about that instead of whether some purely hypothetical men might feel like they’re being discriminated against in the educational sphere. (Where are these men, anyway? I talked to my house boy, and he said he doesn’t feel discriminated against.)


And then, there were the guys who didn’t catch up on the satire *snort*.

*Unlikely. However, a plausible lie.

1. Soooo tired //room/bed/*faceplants*.

2. Ate so many fried mollusca on a stick I don’t really know how many anymore.

3. Can’t really move.

4. Darwin’s pants, it was fun. Can we please do it again as soon as my stomach recovers from TOO MUCH SEAAAAFOOOOOOD*?

5. It has been decided that on the 13** September Sendai Anonymous and her awesome pal will go to Jesus Village in Aomori to see for themselves how insane the people over there really are.

(Current hypothesis: 1) they are really quite insane and believe in all that drivel, 2) they are doing it for tourists profit! 3) only, there are no tourists in Aomori, not really, therefore 4) crazy after all?)

Sendai Anonymous will wear a badass leather jacket (unless it’s 30° C again, or the typhoon comes back or something), and there will be visual aids afterwards.

Many visual aids.

Jesus Village is something that cannot be processed without many visual aids.

(ETA: Kudos to the cool guy on the Atheist Nexus who told me about it. THANKS!)


*Fried, on a stick.

**Or 14 or something. I can’t remembeeeeeer TOO MUCH SEAFOOOOOOOD.