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ETA: missing capital letters =_=

This post was born over the course of a few days and was inspired by my lesbian-wannabe girlfriend, who realised we were randomly switching between English, Polish and Japanese while writing silly comments on Facebook, and that it was a terrible shame that so many of our pals can’t understand Polish at all. Because, sometimes, we write haikus. In Polish. With lots of swearing.

Don’t worry, pals! I’ll teach you all you have to know!

(Also known as the “How many German loanwords you can fit in a single post”-post or “How many Brecht quotes can you fit in a single post”-post)

(The answer to the both questions is: A LOT)

(Brecht <3<3<3)

(Special thanks: to Albanian techno that helped to get me through this after the 100th “fuck the fuck off, you whore”)

The basic sentence structure of the Polish language is:




Note that the profanity is a theoretically optional, if rarely omitted, part of the typical Polish sentence.

(Cut for absolutely NSFW NSFW NSFW swearing)