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Europride 2010

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This is a sad emo post, internets, because, being as I am swamped with work, and also, in the wrong country, additionally,  momentarily unable to just  go away for a couple of days, I had to miss the Europride in Warsaw today.


The neo-Nazi anti-LGBTTQAA demonstration was of course organised. But. For all the protestations against the “abnormal deviants”, and so on… Well, it seems pretty obvious to me who’s normal and who’s not here. Look for yourself:

The deviants from Europride:

The normal guys:

The deviants from Europride:

The normal guys:


If normalcy means “a lot of creepy fundie white neo-Nazi guys with military and flag fetish, running around without T-shirts and making angry faces, never smiling (smiling is for pansies), and spewing bigoted shit”, then I don’t want to have anything to do with “normalcy”.

(Photos ganked from


(I still can’t find the book I was looking for yesterday. Can you believe it? FFS WHY ME)

Anyway! It’s like steam punk only not, ’cause, too late.

The fastest train in Poland in 1930s, could reach 140 km/h.There were six of them, altogether, and 4 were destroyed when the WWII started. The remaining two were then used by the Nazis when they had very special Nazi guests, and wanted to show off bleak landscape and ruins.

They were called Luxtorpeda(1) (English equivalent: lux-torpedo). OUCH.

(The reason I noticed them at all: some USian guy apparently travelled all over Poland in 1930s, leaving kilometres after kilometres of raw footage. It seems pretty awesome, and was on the news today, but I forgot the name, so.


If anyone remembers… ^^;;;)

(1) luxtorpeda being nominativus singularis, pluralis = luxtorpedy. OUCH.

Nice things, as I said, which means,  I lazily use other person’s explanation instead of doing it myself ^^J


And now, transliteration + translation:

It’s a very easy text, though!

(ed. Daniels, Bright, The World’s Writing Systems)

(I started writing this post a week ago, but didn’t have time to finish. Posting it now, anyway, because it has VISUAL AIDS PRETTY)

The not cool thing about being back in Poland, even for a week: the fact that even after a year, Poland is still Poland.

The cool thing about being back in Poland: that I’ll be gone by Thursday.

Anyway, two important things happened:

1. There was some sort of a competition for a new Warsaw dessert. The result was finally called “zygmuntówka” (zehg-moon-toov-kah), and looks rather phallic.

(This is my opinion.

My dad’s was: It looks like a martyrological tribute to the ruins of Warsaw, as destroyed by the Nazis 65 years ago, lol.

My brother’s was: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM Whaaa?

My wannabe lesbian girlfriend’s was: You actually ate that???)

The photo:


2. Meanwhile. Warsaw has not changed a lot.

The Uni:


My favourite antiquary was still there (right next to my least favourite pub, meh):


And the uni inside:


Fun stuff at Krakowskie Przedmiescie:


The Uni Library (BUW). Pretty!


The BUW bodyguard. You can tell he’s a BUW employee from how seriously he takes his duties (taken in the garden on the roof of the BUW building <3)


The garden itself is actually pretty neat:


Here’s what you can see from the roof:


And in the other direction:




The Dalek army:


Finally, the Kultur Palast hiding behind the bushes, with a gun: