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(I still can’t find the book I was looking for yesterday. Can you believe it? FFS WHY ME)

Anyway! It’s like steam punk only not, ’cause, too late.

The fastest train in Poland in 1930s, could reach 140 km/h.There were six of them, altogether, and 4 were destroyed when the WWII started. The remaining two were then used by the Nazis when they had very special Nazi guests, and wanted to show off bleak landscape and ruins.

They were called Luxtorpeda(1) (English equivalent: lux-torpedo). OUCH.

(The reason I noticed them at all: some USian guy apparently travelled all over Poland in 1930s, leaving kilometres after kilometres of raw footage. It seems pretty awesome, and was on the news today, but I forgot the name, so.


If anyone remembers… ^^;;;)

(1) luxtorpeda being nominativus singularis, pluralis = luxtorpedy. OUCH.