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(Because I have to take a break. Pshaw, internet forms, pshaw. Especially if they’re really stupid pdfs that need to be filled out FAIL and sent to like five different secretaries HUMANITY WHAT’S WRONGH WITH YOU *HATES*)

1. Hipster racism – I think this post very articulately sums up what people like Amanda Palmer do.

2. Female astronauts! PRETTY!

3. Goerge Takei in uniform, Brad Altman in a tinfoil, uh, headdress.

It was the tinfoil that totally sold the vid to me.

4. No aliens at Area 51. WO must be terribly disappointed (hurr hurr).

5.  10 Dinge die Sie nicht tun sollten beim Gottesdienst (Ten things you shouldn’t do during a mess)

5, 7, 8 = cool, but the transphobia in 6, not so much.

(Incidentally, this is the first vid that pops out if you search YT for “Gottesdienst”, hurr hurr)

6. Hilarious April Fool’s posts:

6a. by CERN:

“It’s awful”, explains Alain Grand, still shocked by the discovery. “It left horrible tracks inside the detector that made the physicists on duty at the time feel quite sick”.

6b.  via Language Log, the best story of the year: Doctorow and Stross to Write Authorized Sequel to Atlas Shrugged

“But then we realized that both of us shared one important trait with Ayn Rand: all three of us really, really like money. That made it much easier for Cory and I to cash the seven figure check.”

Hurr hurr hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

6c. Silent no longer.

7.  A very insightful post about framing reading books as a moral issue. While I dislike books like the Twilight series as the next sentient person, I also believe that arguing that they ARE BAD FOR THE CHILDRUNZ will get us nowhere. I mean, when you’re a 11 year old, you simply don’t notice stuff like sexism they way you notice it, say, even ten years later. I mean, I do know I would have hated Twilight even as a 11-year old, but only because it was boring, also romance, also boring.  I was into Tolkien and Philip K. Dick when I was 11.

(OTOH, I think Justine Larbalesier goes on a crusade against strawmen when she argues that the issue of reading versus going to play outside is some sort of a problem. I seriously doubt there are parents telling their kids to not go outside to play BECAUSE BOOKS. C’mooooooon)

8. The “new written language” thing everybody and their cousin’s talking about. Seems like a load of bullshit to me, haven’t had the chance to look at the actual paper yet, though.


Guys! It’s morning.

I can tell it’s morning because I’ve only had two coffees, and therefore, the pesky clocks showing me it’s actually 3.12 pm can go and tick arrogantly somewhere else. But I digress!

It’s morning, 26 March 2010. This means an artist called Lady Gaga is currently very popular. Because of my continuing disinterest  in anything that isn’t awful, Petula Clark, more awful, and more awful than Petula Clark, I’m only vaguely aware that Lady Gaga is sort of pretty and wears pretty outfits.

But I digress.

The fact that Lady Gaga is popular means that people who aren’t me noticed her, too. It is actually sort of the point of the whole popularity thing. Some of those people are also much more interested in music than I am.

This can be achieved very easily.

But I digress.

One of those people is Amanda Palmer.  Amanda Palmer is a second-rate alternative (?) starlet who allegedly makes music. She would like to be Tori Amos, but can’t, because only Tori Amos can be Tori Amos. She would also like t be Lady Gaga, but can’t, so she goes for the second best thing, which is: being more edgy than Lady Gaga thus:

This is Amanda Palmer, spreading misinformation about how to be edgy. This is because she secretly wants her potential competitors to come off as gigantic bog-dwelling asswads

A brief analysis of Amamnda Palmer’s insightful tweet can show us two things:

1) She feels strongly about product placement.

2) She feels that her opinion about product placement needs to be expressed with a very poor metaphor that is in fact extremely offensive and upsetting to a lot of people whose friends and families have been killed, injured, threatened and terrorised by the members of the Klan over a period of many years. The metaphor is upsetting and offensive because none of those people, their friends, and families have ever been killed, injured, threatened and terrorised by product placement for being who they are.

Let me explain this with the aid of visual aids:

This is product placement:

By pasting a gigantic photo of Lavazza coffee I am surreptitiously encouraging you to consume more caffeine. Please note how it doesn’t hurt, injure, kill or terrorise you nor your friends or family.

This is what the Klan does:

Note how there isn’t any product placement involved.

This is a rainbow:

Notice how there is no Amanda Palmer anywhere near it.

Also, sometimes a visual aid is worth more than ten thousand words (warning: images of racist violence)

Apologise to us for being abused by us and our friends

Brb, gotta go to a doctor who is 100% sponsored by my taxes, so that I have to pay nothing for the visit.


1. If at 14 you believe you’re ready to have children, you are of course wrong.

However, if ten or even twenty years later you persist in your delusion  belief  that you were ready to have children at 14? You are totes not ready to have children still.

Hilary Mantel thinks you should be popping out children at 14, which is, like, absolutely not influenced by her being infertile and unhappy about it. Oh, I do realise it must be a terrible tragedy for her, but for some people? Getting pregnant at the age 14 is, too.

(Pity she’s such a douche, her books seem like something I could pick up when my brain needs several days in a semi-enjoyable stand-by mode)


2. How (Not) to Write About Africa. (Un?)surprisingly some of those boring, offensive, ridiculous, dehumanizing tropes still persist. Also, an audiovisual aid for those less willing to read (there’re no Morning Musume in there, I promise!):


3. NHK website about hikikomori (wiki on hikikomori). I just want to say, at first I snickered at the irony of NHK of all places having a website about hikikomori stuff, then I got sucked in and spent about two hours reading through the FAQ (STATISTICS!!!!!!!!11!1!!).

It’s in Japanese, though.


4. Shakesville post about rape culture. I just want to say, I’m sooooooo happy I don’t have to write it.


5. How to sell your snake oil thing, or any kind of woo, really. Should be read together with any of Orac’s excellent posts about woomeisters always blaming the patient.


6. I’ll freely and nonchalantly admit I only discovered it about a week ago: English without non-Germanic words, aka Uncleftish Beholding. I will also admit that my brain tells me to visualise “uncleftish” every time I hear/see the (non) word.

Suffering ensues.


7. An interesting article about the cancer that is killing vampire fiction like you could kill the cancer that is vampire fiction with a different cancer hurr durr Twilight and cultural appropriation. What it lacks is a mention of the problematic portrayal of Quileute in the books (ahahahahaha, BOOKS AHAHAHAHA) in the first place, but this can be easily found with the help of Google and some resourceful typing.


8. The crazy terrorist anti-tax guy who crashed into an IRS office is being white-washed by his daughter thus:

Asked whether she considered her father a hero, Stack’s adult daughter, Samantha Dawn Bell, said during a telephone interview broadcast Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America”: “Yes. Because now maybe people will listen.” But she stressed that his actions were “inappropriate.”

The catch: the daughter lives in Norway. NORWAY! One would think a greedy sociopath tax protester could find a better place to live than Norway:

– The basic tax rate is 28 % of the net income. The social security contribution is 7,8 % of the gross income. Therefore, the total tax rate rarely exceeds 36 %. However, on gross income exceeding NOK 456.400 (relevant as of salary grade 60) a surtax (toppskatt) of 9 % is levied. On gross income exceeding NOK 741.700 (relevant as of salary grade 82) a surtax of 12 % is levied. (source)


(Btw, the income tax is not all the tax that an individual has to pay in Norway. There’s also the so-called wealth tax, so in many cases you’d have to pay much moar)

(Mmmm, taxes  <3)


9. I discovered Vox Day(1), the most odious person and at the same time the most pretentious cretin on the internets. Seriously. I expect to have time to make fun of him properly soon.


In other news, I’ve been hearing rumours about late (as in, in June) spring in Poland this year. I might have to reconsider my spring break plans.

Also, wisdom tooth is a whore.

(1) Bad pun is  bad, especially as “dei” is totes not pronounced like that.

Bob the Tiny Grey Person is still suffering from Acute Cognitive Dissonance after reading that:

“(…)many assumed that the election of Barack Obama was the beginning of a period of post-racialism, a time when the politics of identity had lost some of its corrosiveness.”

in an article about an article about racial issues in Vogue, which said (the second article, hurr hurr) that POC are systematically underrepresented in Vogue. As a result of that criticism:

“In fact, Joanna Douglas, the writer of the piece, received a number of the threatening e-mail messages after the post was picked up by white supremacist sites and sources at the site say that the police have been contacted and an arrest is pending.” [emphasis mine]

Do we get to have white supremacists in a post-racial period, Bob the Tiny Grey person asked no one in particular, and his mental circuits promptly rebooted themselves.

Rebooted themselves ten times.

He’s been catatonic since then.

Anyway! The brave avant-garde of the fashion industry itself themselves again in its unending pursuit of douchebaggery, edginess and equal starvation for all women:

Painting a white model black? Still blackface, still epic fail, episode 12357252

(source, with some moar faily blackface photos)

(via UFB)

ETA: added tags *facepalm*

(for Dan <3)

Because this is about the amount of attention I believe we should give to ridiculous bigots like this one.  Specifically, I mean his laughably inane video about Rick Warren’s hidden homosexual agenda.

(The YT one is totes not available in Europe, but the one from WND should work just fine)

(Before I even start, I’d like to point out how absolutely unimpressed I am with Rick Warren’s fake claims  of concern for gay people. In fact, I’m so unimpressed I might even link to people who will explain to you why His Gay Agenda Is Pastede on Yey)

Anyway, this guy, Molotov, is, like, a real gem.  I mean, he thinks he’s funny or something. He says that people in Uganda should kill gay people because:

– Gen 9:6, Lev 20:13, Ex 22:19


Gen 9:6 is actually the following quote:

Whoever sheds the blood of man,
by man shall his blood be shed;
for in the image of God
has God made man.

So, should we kill people who kill other people (that is to say, men)? Like, you know, the anti-gay bigots in Uganda? Ups.

Lev 20:16

‘If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

So, gay sex is Biblically OK as long as it’s between two (or more) women,  not men. Did the anti-gay bigots in Uganda take this into account when they drafted their bill?

I didn’t think so. Ups.

Ex 22:19

Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal must be put to death.

In as much as humans are animals too, heterosexuals are having sexual relations with animals as well. In as much as having sex with members of a different species should be forbidden, it still has nothing to do with  anti-gay bigotry. Unless you’d want to argue that homosexuality makes you a member of a different species, which, hah, wouldn’t go down very well.

Ups. Try harder,  Molotov, try harder!

– “unless there are some Biblical passages that I’ve missed”

Yes, in fact quite a few. For starters Lev 11:9-12 or Lev 19:19, darling <3

– Killing people is OK ’cause it was God who created the death penalty


Well, I went to check out the Book of Genesis again. I expected something like:

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he created  the death penalty, waterboarding and Superbowl commercials, and then he rested  from all his work.  And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he created the death penalty, waterboarding and Superbowl commercials, and  rested from all the work of creating that he had done. And then God watched Buffy.

You know, a little bit of omnipotent multitasking. I mean, I’ve normally a pretty relaxed attitude: show me a Bible verse, and I’ll laugh at you. Heartilly.

But this time? There was no quote!!!

Can you believe it?! The Bible never mentions god inventing the capital punishment and waterboarding! This must be the Liberal Bias showing, clearly.

– the USian Founding Fathers were totes for killing the gay with fire



Also, even if they were, what do they have to do with Uganda? Didn’t somebody say that Uganda is a sovereign nation around 1:55? Ups.

– Evil Homosexual king required all men in the kingdom [of Budanga] to submit to his sexual desires (wah wah wah)


Orly? Also, what does it has to do with anything? I mean, in 1675 it came to light that the Marquise de Brinvilliers poisoned a lot of her relatives. Does it mean we should murder all French women now?

Didn’t think so, ups.

– persecuting gays is part of Ugandan culture


Yes, ever since Xian missionaries taught people to hate the gay. Ups.

– liberuls only embrace multi-culturalism when it suits them


– if they [the gays] don’t like the law, they can always leave!11!111


Orly? Also, Molotov, princess, if you hate America with its distinct lack of legalised gay-killing, why don’t you just leave? Instead of posting spurious videos on YouTube? Ups.

– “Don’t think our Founding Fathers wouldn’t support this legislation.”


How are they relevant? Uganda is an independent nation, after all. Also, clearly Molotov doesn’t think very often, does he?


ORLY? Funny that you should mention it…

-NOT  WITCHHUNT!111!111!


“The term “witch-hunt” is often used by analogy to refer to panic-induced searches for perceived wrong-doers other than witches.”

-“they don’t want to kill homosexuals, they just want them to stop practicing the homosexual act”

Oh, because what two (or more) consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms concerns them how? Also, gee, thanks for being so tolerant! I mean, they could kill people like me! But in their boundless generosity, they will only shower them with the Xian love beat them up a bit, ruin their lives, maybe imprison them and kill them only if they’re really obstinate about not stopping to be gay.

I cried, a little.

And the cherry on top of epic fail:

-“Like the great Dr. King told us, ‘the moral arm of the universe is long but it bends towards justice.’ Ugandans, stay on the right side of history.”

Ooooh, I get it now! This is, clearly, the right wing logic sort of thing. This is when you say that when Bush started the war in Iraq, he was just liek Gandhi, and when Hitler started killing Jewish people, he was just liek Jesus, and Ted Haggard is a completely heterosexual magical glittery unicorn.

Sleep well, my prince Molotov.

BUT WAIT! I like happy endings, therefore, have some Gay Agenda (via nameste via mrw):

Very few of my readers realise that neo-Nazis these days are progressive enough to have their own forums for neo-Nazi women, where they can be racist dickwads, obnoxious cretins, and all around special snowflake drama queens.

Now, sometimes IRL we observe what I  like to call The Patriarchy Little Helper’s Dilemma. It occurs when a sexist woman is on the one hand flattered when a man complements her appearance, because she doesn’t see anything wrong in being constantly judged on the basis of her looks and objectified. On the other hand, though, she doesn’t want other people to think that she’s a “slut”, so she will feel obliged to engage in some fake outrage, while at the same calling a lot of attention to the fact that a man said she had great tits.

I am not saying, of course, that all women are faking outrage when complemented (“nice tie!”) or sexually harassed (“nice tits!”) by men; it’s just that my anecdata support a conjecture that says that this sort of behaviour seems prevalent in certain patriarchy-fangirling demographics.

There is, however, one way of taking this faux!outrage routine to the next level. It is only possible when you’re completely, out-of-your-mind batshit crazy.

(Warning: the quotations used in this post will contain very offensive language. The actual content is even more offensive. Also, while for normal, sane people this will read like a crazy Poe trollfest, I’d like to remind you that those people are actually for real)

Sooo, on Stormfront(1) we have a very interesting(2) thread titled:

hit on by negros!


You see, user leshi is very concerned because:

In the last year, I’ve been “hit on” (complimented, flirted at, had sexual comments made to, followed around) by a record 4 black men and 1 white (a friend of mine). Perplexed, I asked said friend and his response was, “They like small white women with nice figures.”

Yes. They like to eat them. I know that because they invited me over, once.

User leshi continues:

Dressing like a nun isn’t the solution, I suppose,

I suppose not, but I heard that burqa might be a better solution(3).

I wish there were some subtle nonabrasive sign I put up saying “black men need not apply” Perhaps go goth again?

Goth? But will she be bartending in the dark?

User Reality Hack chimes in:

I have this problem, also. The worst places are the mall and the grocery store, it never fails – there is always some group of Negroes catcalling at me, or some lone darkie following me around. Yet, I never get approached by white men. I don’t understand why.

Me neither. It might be your “Hitler was right” T-shirt or something.

Or the white hat.

User Reality Hack then offers some valuable advice:

On the other hand, saying “I only like white men” completely pisses them off, for whatever reason. 


User Vigdis has seen the problem exacerbating over the years:

Ugh. Add me to this list. I’ve had this problem for most of my life but it has steadily grown worse. It is almost as if they are growing aggressive in attempts to hook up with white women.



A user who very aptly names themselves Mensch 2.0 brings an uplifting anecdote:

I saw something that really works in this situation. Once, a really attractive girl, about 25, came to work for us. She was of Swedish extraction. She showed no interest in Negroes at all. Once, a black guy hit on her in my presence. She had a great response, for which the Negro had no comeback. She said after being asked for a date: “No, I stick to my own kind.” It was over and it was as simple as that. Unless this Negro wanted to get ugly and racial he followed the only option open to him. He just walked away.

And then everybody stood up and clapped their hands, and the mayor gave the white woman a lollipop and a medal and the key to the town, and her portrait was hanged in the townhall, where little white children cherubs  would come and leave flowers and candy and pray.

But user leshi has some moar pearls of wisdom to share with us:

The thing that bugs me most is that I’ve never had this problem until this last year.

Clearly, this must be all Obama’s fault.

Part of me no longer feels safe to go out alone because, apparently, being seen as a desired mate could eventually become being seen as a potential rape target.

Yes. When I meet a potential partner, I immediately set out on the quest to rape her. When I succeed, I just drag her off to my cave, where she has to edit my manuscripts all day.

I’m a good girlfriend, though. I feed her.


The problems user rena2 faces in the course of her daily trials and tribulations in the post-racial society are a bit different:

Funny. I can think of only one time I was hit on by a black dude. They never seem to bug me. Its Mexican guys that always come bothering me.

Funny. From my European perspective Mexicans are perfectly white, too. Interesting how whiteness seem much more exclusive on Stormfront(4).

User Suzanne Sugarbaker has some more personal anecdotes, some of the firmly entrenched in the territory of TMI:

I get that every so often. I have gotten to the point in the last several years that seeing a black person just makes me want to puke, especially black guys looking at me like piece of meat.

Aw, puke away, darling.

Also: “piece of meat”? I’d rather be inclined to think it’s your KKK paraphernalia  or whatnot, but whatevs!

User No Shame has, it would seem, come across similar problems repeatedly, too:

When I was in my teens & 20’s I rarely ever got hit on by black men.

Please note how she’s evoking the bucolic Mythic Time before the Fall of Humanity started, that is, the idyllic time of racial segregation.

Nowadays, I can’t seem to go anywhere without being ogled and/or hit on by them. Everytime I hear some “Hey shawty…” bull I want to scream. Mexicans seem to like staring, hissing, and making lewd gestures but they never approach me. Maybe I should go goth again too.

This part of user No Shame’s opinion is based on the “corruption of humanity” trope. What is conspicuously absent, is the heroic protagonist whose actions will the restore the universe to the initial order, also known as  Good Old Times, when even nostalgia was better than it is these days.

Use Future Lawyer(5) shares de crème de la crème of right wing esprit with the rest of the internets:

There is no way to let these know in a nice manner that the only chocolate I like is ice cream

Are you laughing yet?

User *Aurora* seems to be suffering from a  severe case of batshititis:

When hit on by a negro, my first reaction is to litteraly run away.

“litteraly”? What did litter do to her? And, more importantly, was the litter black?

I absolutely can’t stand the fact of one touching me or the thought alone of it. I walk ad fast as I can and if it keeps following me I start yelling and make sure everybody around me hears me loud and clear.

This bloke my brain a little because:

and if it keeps following me


However, user *Aurora* has a way to cope:

Negros usually can’t stand metal.

I thought it was the witches. My bad.

User crowcity shows off her amazing right wing sense of humour:

I try to ignore them, but sometimes if I’m in an extremely good mood I just grin and say ‘ Sorry, I’m a Klan member’. The look on their face is absolutely priceless.

How droll!

User WarMaiden is so superior that her ravings seems completely incoherent. Don’t be deceived, though, it’s just a clever ruse! She also longs for everything to be Right again:

He then moved sits and said enjoy your day… Who the hell do these freaks think they are? all i was thinking was, 40/50 years ago monkey boy would have been lynched for having the balls to speak to me, oh how times have changed..

Adorable, right? Nothing screams “superiority” as loud as enjoying the prospect of your fellow human being getting brutally murdered for having the gall to tell you to enjoy your day.

This goes on for 27 pages, guys. TWENTY SEVEN BLOODY PAGES.

The funny part is, the next person to tell me BUT THERE IS NO RACISM ANYMOAR!11!111 will get this post read to them aloud.

Three times.

Ah, schadenfreude.

(1) Yes!

(2) By which I mean, a very disturbing.

(3) NOT.

(4) Or, you know. NOT.

(5) Shudder, shudder, twitch, twitch.